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Cocomo Advisory bridges the gap between the traditional accounting firm and marketing agency for business. We have the expertise and know how in the inner workings of business and in marketing strategy and execution. This allows for better outcomes for our clients, enabling them to achieve their dreams and goals.

We aim to unlock the potential of your business ideas and dreams to achieve your goals and objectives.

The guarantee we give is that we will work hard for your business in whichever service/s you engage us for.


So you decide to take it upon yourself to advertise spending thousands of dollars through Facebook, Google, TV and more.

Yet you see no results despite all of this outlay ?

You now contact a Marketing Agency as they say they will get you all these results and growth. The Marketing Agency is costly and then you have the Advertising Spend on top.

Once again you see little or no results.

You now contact a Marketing Agency as they say they will get you all these results and These is a Dummy text Replace your text here.

Why is that you say?

Marketing is just one component out of six…..

Discover what the other components are and why they matter

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Success Stories

Chris has been really helpful when starting my first business, he only asks the minimum and does everything else for me, more than just an accountant, advises on business and financial decisions that benefit my business.

Dane C.

The personal service and going the extra mile from Cocomo Advisory has helped me understand my tax and business to take it to the next level.

Matthew S.

Cocomo Advisory has been a godsend for my business, not only made the bookkeeping and tax simple and easy, but also been able to provide advice and strategy to grow the business.

Joseph C.

1300 843 789