Strategic Review and Planning Sessions

Strategic Review and Planning Sessions

These sessions are invaluable to business owners, but why is this so do you ask?

Strategic Review and Planning Session.


Having clarity helps you to focus on your goals, how you manage the business and staff.

If the leader does not have clarity, this will filter down to staff leaving them unsure.


Knowing the direction you want to take your business is important.

This ensures the effort put in and the tasks completed by you and your staff leads to the achievement of business’ goals. 

Strategic Review and Planning Session.


This relates to the structure, the framework, the processes in place to achieve the business’ goals.

It also about knowing actual vs planned and taking corrective action.


Now, this can mean different things to different people.

Where one person sees prosperity as strictly being very wealthy, to another it may mean being in good health and security.

So it is important to know what this means for you, then you can go about how to achieve your prosperity.

How it Works





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Meet & Review


The session is then conducted via Video Meeting. (the session will be recorded for review purposes). The recorded session is reviewed by us, the summary and outcomes of the session are collated.



A follow-up Video Meeting is conducted to present the summary and outcomes of the session.

Price: $3,300 inc GST

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