Discovery Sessions

Discovery Sessions

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What are they?

A discovery session is as much about us getting to know you and your business as to you getting to know us and our business, and how we operate. These sessions are preliminary in nature, where we will go through some broad areas to get a gauge of where your business is now and where you want to take it in the future.

How Long Do They Go For?

The sessions will generally go for about an hour, they may go a little longer it depends upon the complexity of your business situation and how much information you divulge.

What Do I Get Out of This?

These kinds of sessions are preliminary in nature but what do you get to take away from it is a one-page action plan which will have individual points of action that we recommend should be taken to either improve your business to get you in the right direction to achieve your goals and where you want take your business. There isn’t any pressure about doing any of that work with us that’s our gift to you for taking part in the session.

Why Should I Do This?

This kind of session allows you to pause and have a real good think about where you’re at and where you want to go, it’s something that a lot of business owners struggle to do to take that step back, to stop and actually think about these areas, and to do it with the people who specialise in this kind of work rather than the traditional accountant.

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